Local "Village chicken"

Since their domestication by human in South East Asia, local chicken are raised in the farms and back yards of villages all over the world.

Despite laying few eggs, now and then, and their light bodyweight they play an important role in the life of community.

Depending where and when, Live bird market is organized and called differently and most of the time is a part of a bigger market where we can find all the goods that we need.

  • Backyard markets
  • Local markets
  • Urban markets
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“Village Chicken” in Africa, “Pollo de traspatio” in South America, “Nati Chicken” in India, this type of chicken can be resume in a social development source, women financial independence and also an alimentary and income source.

In Africa it symbolizes self-sufficiency model of rural economy, providing a substantial income and major factor of women empowerment.

With 40 years of experience in color breeding and tropical farming, SASSO genetic is the most adapted for tropical climate and have the largest range of colored chickens in the world.

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SASSO Dual purpose

As one of the most popular chicken used for Village Chicken in Africa, our dual purpose T451(female SA51 and male T44) is producing more than 240 eggs per year with average growth rate of 2.2kg in 84 days.

SASSO’s X Rainbow (female SA31 and male X Rainbow) would produce more than 200 eggs per year with the growth rate of 2.2kg in 56 days.

More than a commercial support, we also provide a technical support to help and advise the farmers to run profitable farming business.

SASSO Village Chicken:

  • Easy to manage, semi scavenging, strong disease resistance, low vet costs,best FCR and taste as local chicken