The SASSO sales team joins the Fermiers Landais slaughterhouse sales teams during their meeting

Published on Oct. 7, 2021

The SASSO sales team joins the Fermiers Landais slaughterhouse sales teams during their meeting

On Thursday, September 23rd, SASSO represented by Laurent SALLES, General Manager, Edouard PERRAULT, Sales Director and Pascal FOUINEAU, Sales Manager for France/Europe participated in the seminar of the BCT commercial team (Butchery, Delicatessen, Caterer) of FERMIERS LANDAIS. Les FERMIERS LANDAIS is a slaughterhouse based in St Sever specialized in “Label Rouge” chicken and leader in “yellow skin chicken”.

The objective of this meeting was threefold.

  • To meet the ultimate link in our Label Rouge network, the retailers, and to present our business to them.
  • To understand what Label Rouge chicken the final consumer expects, in the FERMIERS LANDAIS distribution channel?
  • Understand what Label Rouge chicken the final consumer will expect in 10 years, in this same network?

Indeed, the will of SASSO has always been to be close to its customers and its market, and for that it is important to listen to all the players of the sector, from the hatchery to the final consumer. The “PAC chicken” (ready to cook) market, and especially the Label Rouge cut of chicken market, has been constantly increasing for the last ten years, and it is very important to know the expectations of a slaughterhouse for our products.

To do this, after a presentation of SASSO's activity and our work, we divided the sales team, composed of 20 salespeople covering France and Belgium.

The teams played the game and the result of this afternoon of work was very interesting to understand this market of specialists.

Now, in order to refine our product development strategy, we are planning a new meeting with the management of Fermiers Landais and Fermiers du Sud-Ouest, the parent company of Fermiers Landais.

This will allow us to strengthen our will to be close to all the actors of the poultry industry in France.

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