Improve your local breeding program

With SASSO’s service package, Improve your local breeding program, you can achieve better performance while still protecting the unique traits of your local breed. Our goal is to support you in getting the most value from your birds.

Reach untapped potential with genetics

Genetic improvement can deliver value in almost every area of your business. For example, just 2% improvement in feed conversion ratio can save a huge amount in feed costs. Genetic selection can also achieve improved egg production, body weight, meat quality, and other economically important traits. With the support of our experts in breeding and genetics, as well as innovative breeding technologies such as genomic selection, traditional poultry producers can get the best performance and efficiency while protecting the unique appearance of the local breeds.

What is genomic selection?

Genomics is the sequencing and analysis of an organism’s genome (DNA). By analyzing phenotypes (traits we can see and measure, such as body weight) along with genomic data (DNA from individuals), we can make more accurate selections of desirable traits and see them improve at a faster rate. Genomics can speed up genetic improvement, especially for traits that are measured late in life, only on one of the sex or are difficult to measure.

Service details

Our aim is to help you improve your local breeding program with optimized breeding processes, new technologies, improved health to reach an increased product performance. Through this enhancement, we can help you capture more value in your market and develop your business fit for the future.

With this service, SASSO will coordinate with your local geneticist or technical manager to direct the breeding program to the next level. This could include

  • Creating pedigree families
  • Managing data quality control and database management.
  • Calculating breeding values and inbreeding management as well as managing mating decisions in your pure line population
  • Establishing evaluation base populations

This Genetic Service Agreement is broken into two tasks: 1) breeding program evaluation and design and 2) selection of a new generation. Throughout either of these segments, we offer technical and veterinarian support as well as business support to track progress and provide training.

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Better together

With this service, you can optimize performance while maintaining the specific characteristics and traits valued by your customers. SASSO possesses the expertise to improve your breeding program and develop export sales. Let’s work together to improve efficiency and take your business to the next level.

Are you ready to improve your product performance?

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