Capturing rural poultry markets

How to develop rural poultry markets in Africa

With our service Capturing rural poultry markets, we want to help you reach untapped markets and successfully develop your business. Our consulting service provides support in capturing opportunities in those undeveloped rural poultry markets in Africa. The potential is huge in those rural areas, but it is not always easy to reach those markets. Raising poultry is a challenge given the strong climate and environmental pressure, so delivering the right product is crucial for this market.

Our SASSO dual purpose chickens are perfect for African smallholder farmers. They are easy to raise, highly resistant to diseases and provide a good quality of meat along with a good quantity of eggs. With the right product and support from our service package, we can teach you how to develop this growing market!

Our service offer

With SASSO’s consulting service, tailored for customers in Africa, we want to help you expand your business and ensure success for smallholder farmers. With our expertise, our aim is to help you capture rural poultry markets.

The service package is divided in 3 phases, each of them consisting of several pillars designed to give you a stepwise approach and equip you with the tools and documents to successfully lead your project.

  • In the first phase, we kick-off the project in the perfect conditions. We will guide you through the definition of your project and objectives and help you build a strong business plan.
  • In the second phase, customers will receive the appropriate sales and technical training. Our team will provide support to our hatchery customers in identifying and training mother units to raise day-old chicks during the crucial period of brooding. But also, thereafter, how to sell these improved chicken breeds to smallholder farmers and training them to raise them successfully.
  • All along our collaboration, you will benefit from our experts’ support in your project management with frequent follow-up. We will ensure you reach your objectives and, as result, grow your business by capturing rural poultry markets.
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Our concept is a proven success

This service is based on the concept of APMI, the African Poultry Multiplication Initiative, led by the World Poultry Foundation and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The objectives of APMI are to “increase farmer income, empower women and youth, improve family nutrition, and create job opportunities through the multiplication and supply of dual-purpose breeds.” Under the model, brooder units, or mother units, are supplied with day-old chicks properly rear, feed and vaccinate. After brooding, the birds are then sold to smallholder farmers, somewhere between 28 and 42 days of age.

By using our service, you will benefit not only from the expertise of our team, but also from a concept that has proven success in several regions of Africa, like Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Uganda.

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