Salome Nyaga, a poultry breeder explains us why she chose SASSO

Published on Oct. 8, 2020

Salome Nyaga, a poultry breeder explains us why she chose SASSO

SASSO’s chickens continue their success in Africa. Here is the example of Salome Nyaga, a gospel singer who breeds SASSO chickens in Miritini-Vikobani, Mombasa County. She chose to get into the poultry agribusiness in 2019 looking for new challenges. She manages to balance her life between being a mother, gospel singing and poultry keeping.

Salome Nyaga first started in the poultry agribusiness by keeping indigenous chicken. Now she is raising SASSO colored chickens which are coming from a farm in Tanzania. The chicks live in a poultry house where she feeds them with chick mash, liquid paraffin, glucose and water to increase their food consumption. She also installed a jiko, a container made of metal, to offer them additional heat. To strengthen their disease resistance, she vaccinated them against New castle and Gumboro.

Here are the few reasons why she chooses to raise SASSO chickens and the advantages they provide her, compared to other chickens. The chickens are well adapted to a free-range system and easy to manage as they are good scavengers; they are independent to find their own food in the ground. She finds them very attractive with their different range of color, which is an important differentiator of the SASSO colored chickens. Furthermore, as they are slow-growing chickens, they have the time to develop their muscles. On the other hand, they are very resistant against diseases and sickness, and respond well to treatment. In that way, their main quality is their low mortality rate compared to other birds. Our chickens are dual purpose birds, which means that they can provide good performances both in the number of eggs and the quality of their meat. In the end, Salome is able to sell them for a good income which makes the SASSO birds financially profitable.

Salome’s example is another success story that shows how the SASSO chickens can improve the life of African farmers. The climate and conditions in which the chickens have to live are very harsh. But our SASSO chickens are bred to be specifically resistant to these types of difficult conditions. They are able to thrive and offer the best performances.

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Crédit photo : Bozo Jenje | Nation Media Group

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